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Capital - Panama City


Currency - Balboa (PAB) and US Dollar (USD)


Official Language - Spanish. English (14%) Many bilingual people.


Religion - predominantly Roman Catholic 85%, Protestant 15%.


Electricity - 120 volts AC (60 cycles) the same as in the US and Canada.


Business Hours - Business hours vary from establishment to establishment. Banks generally open from 8 or 8.30am to 3 or 4pm, Monday to Friday, while some also open on Saturday morning. Businesses and government offices are usually open Monday to Saturday from 8 or 9am to 4 or 5pm, while museums generally open the same hours from Tuesday to Saturday, with some also opening on Sunday morning. Some or all of these close for lunch from around 12.30pm or 1pm to 1.30 or 2pm. Shops are usually open from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm.


Tipping - Some restaurants include the tip in the bill so check before tipping. Generally a 10% tip is the norm. In small cafes and more casual places, tipping is not necessary, although, appreciated.


Time Zone - The time in Panama all year long is the same as the Eastern Standard Time of the U.S. (GMT -5). No Daylight Savings Time is observed.


Passports - A valid USA passport is required for entry. Your passport must be valid 6 months beyond intended stay in Panama.


Emergencies - In case of any emergency dial 104 Police or 226 7000 ext. 280 or 269 8011for the Tourism Police; Fire emergencies dial 103.


Water - The drinking water of Panama City is so good that it is known as the "Champagne of the Chagres" after the river from which it is drawn, and iced water, served free in restaurants as a matter of course, along with the tap water in most towns and cities, is perfectly safe.


Water quality varies outside the city. We recommend playing it safe and sticking to bottled drinks as much as possible in outlying areas.


We strongly suggest you buy Travel Insurance before departing the US. Please contact us for more information, we can help you buy Travel Insurance in less than 5 minutes.



Panama is a land of enchantment.

It lies between Costa Rica and Colombia. There are nine different provinces and five indigenous reservations; from modern, sophisticated Panama City to the Caribbean land of the Kuna Indians.


There are fifteen national parks, two oceans, a mountain range and miles of secluded beaches to explore. And, of course there's the Panama Canal, one of the world's greatest engineering wonders.


Adventurers find passion in its ecotourism, outdoor sports, hiking, pristine beaches and tropical rainforests.


Typical must-do tours include a shopping day at the free trade zone or a visit to the Panama Canal combined with a partial or complete crossing. Other fascinating tour options are visiting its orchid farms or exploring the villages of the Embera, Kuna or Wounaan indigenous cultures and sharing some time with them.






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