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Capital - Managua


Currency - Gold Cordoba (NIO)


Official Language - Spanish. English and Indigenous languages on the Atlantic Coast. Otherwise, English is hardly spoken outside of the main capital city.


Religion - predominantly Roman Catholic 85%, other 15%


Electricity - 110V/60Hz, same as in the United States and Canada.


Business Hours - Shops and services in Nicaragua still observe Sunday closing: otherwise you'll find most things open from 8am to 4pm. Banks normally open from 8:00am to 3pm. Some museums and sites close for lunch, normally shutting their doors between noon and 2pm, before reopening again until 4pm. Supermarkets, smaller grocery shops and the small neighborhood shops generally stay open until 8pm.


Tipping - A small tip of usually 10% is customary and welcomed.


Time Zone - Nicaragua shares a central time zone with the United States: UTC/GMT -6 hours .


Passports - U.S. and Canadian citizens are required to provide a passport valid for at least six months.

Leave the passport in a safe place and carry with you a photocopy of the photo ID page.


Emergencies - In case of any emergency, dial 128 for the Red Cross Ambulance. If Fire dial tel. 115. For the Police dial tel. 118.


Water - All water, even that from the tap, should be boiled, filtered or disinfected with chemicals. Bottled water is highly recommended.


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Situated in the heart of the Americas, Nicaragua offers visitors a celebration of rich folklore and diverse cultural expressions, the inspiration of extraordinary nature and the splendor of colonial cities and ancient archaeological sites.


Land of lakes and volcanoes, mountains and beaches, it offers its visitors hikes through rain or dry forests, undiscovered waterfalls, diving coral reefs, strolls through colonial town squares or even mountain biking down the slopes of an active volcano.


Nicaragua has nearly 20 volcanoes forming part of the Pacific Rim's "Ring of Fire"; its topography contributing to the country's much fertile soil, sustaining a multitude of agricultural products such as its diverse coffee plantations, pineapple, bananas and tobacco.


Virtually every traveler begins in Managua, this capital city is the political and cutltural center of the country.

There is litttle to detain the traveler from continuing to Granada where an atmospheric colonial architecture prevails alongside its splendid lake.

The nearby town of Masaya is the arts & Crafts center of the country offering perhaps some of the best crafts in Central America at its local Mercado Nacional de Artesania.


Nicaragua's mountainous central region with its distinct cooler climate, is the hiking and bird-watching mecca. Much of the rich export-grade coffee is grown here. Off the Caribbean lowlands called the Atlantic Coast in Nicaragua, the towns of Bluefieldsand Puerto Cabezas with a rich legacy of African descent and British protectorate surprise the traveler.

The beautiful and unspoilt Corn Islands offer a welcome respite from the stresses of the mainland life.







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