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Capital - Tegucigalpa


Currency: Lempira (HNL)


Official Language: Spanish. Amerindian dialects. English is hardly spoken outside of the main towns or Bay Islands.


Religion predominantly Roman Catholic 97%, other 3%


Electricity: 110/220V 60Hz as in the United States and Canada, however three-prong grounded plugs are not as common, so two-prong adapters come in handy.


Business Hours - Business hours are generally Monday to Friday 9AM till noon and 2PM to 5PM, and sometimes from 9am to noon on Saturdays.


Government offices work Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm, often with an hour's break for lunch.


Tipping: Tipping in restaurants is often added to the check. Look for it! If you were satisfied with the service and want to pay more, go ahead, and tip as you would in the United States.


Time Zone: Standard time zone: (GMT -6). No daylight saving time at the moment


Passports: U.S. and Canadian citizens will require a valid passport for entry. A 90-day tourist cards will be issued upon arrival and the yellow portion of the immigration form will be stapled or folded into your passport. Don't lose it!


Leave the passport in a safe place and carry with you a photocopy of the photo ID page.


Note: In Honduras, like many other countries, any person under the age of 18 is considered a minor. Very strict regulations govern travel by minors into Honduras. For example, if traveling alone, the minor must have a notarized consent form signed by both parents. If traveling with only one parent, the minor must have a notarized letter of consent signed by the parent not traveling.


Emergencies: In case of any emergency, dial 199 Police; 195 Cruz Roja (Red Cross); 197 International operator; 198 Fire brigade.


191 National phone operator; 192 Information.


Water: Purified water is used in big-city hotels and restaurants, but bottled water is definitely recommended for outlying areas.


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Honduras is a vibrant country, brimming with clear turquoise waters, pristine beaches, lush jungles, breathtaking mountains, challenging rivers, and fascinating ancient ruins. It is also a diver's heaven.


Most visitors pass through its capital. Tegucigalpa welcomes visitors with a relaxed ambience. Just a couple of hours by bus, the mountain towns of Santa Lucia and Valle de Angeles with their slow pace, natural beauty and low profile tourism make it appealing to those who prefer getting off the beaten path.


Many travelers head straight to the western highlands and the Mayan ruins of Copan. The journey here may be broken into several stops along the way;Comayagua and Santa Rosa de Copan.


Heading towards the Caribbean you are almost certain to pass through Hondura's energetic second city, San Pedro Sula. Buses fan out from San Pedro to the north coast, with its pristines beaches, clear warm waters and endless sun. Tela, La Ceiba and Trujillo are all lively towns with a thriving nightlife, while the fishing village of Omoamoves at a slower pace.


Honduras is also home to a rather large Garifuna society, also known as the Black Caribs, you may glimpse at their different way of life when visiting nearby villages along the coast. Visit the coastal wetland reserve of Punta Sal near Tela and the spectacular mountainous reserve of Pico Bonito.


The biosphere reserve of the Rio Platano in Mosquitia is an uninhabited virgin tropical rain-forest, definitely off the beaten track. Finally the Bay Islands offers plenty of pristine beaches, world-class snorkeling and a rich cultural mix






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