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Facts Colombia:


Capital - Bogota


Currency - Colombian Peso (COP)


Official Language - Spanish. Some English limited mainly to main hotels.


Religion - predominantly Roman Catholic 90%


Electricity - 110/120 Volt 60 HzHz same as in the USA.


Business Hours - Most shops are open from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm from Monday to Saturday. Banking Hours are from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday to Friday.


Tipping - In restaurants, bars etc. It is common to give 10% of the total charge, if not already included in the bill.


Time Zone - Colombia Standard Time is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT-5). It does not observe Daylight-Saving Time.


Passports - American citizens do not need a visa unless they are staying for more than 90 days. Colombian authorities will give American citizens an on-arrival visa free of charge, which is printed onto your passport and lets the person stay for a maximum of 60 to 90 days. Irish citizens need to apply for a visa at a Colombian embassy and can't extend their visa.


Emergencies - In case of Emergencies dial police 156; fire 119; traffic accidents 127; medical 132; GAULA (anti-kidnapping) 165.


Water - Bottled water is strongly suggested.


We strongly suggest you buy Travel Insurance before departing the US. Please contact us for more information, we can help you buy Travel Insurance in less than 5 minutes.

About Colombia:


Located in northern South America, it is the only country with coastlines on both the North Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.


Colombia shares its borders with Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Panama. With the archipelago of San Andres and Providencia 435 miles off the Caribbean coast, Colombia also shares maritime borders with Nicaragua and Costa Rica.


Each region, with its own unique climate and geographical features, compose a country of great biodiversity and rich contrasts.


Colombia is a country full of smiles and friendly people.

Unfortunately, this destination is often times misunderstood and feared.


Its exotic and varied tourism attractions are waiting to be discovered and welcome the foreign visitor with a complete hotel infrastructure ranging from luxury to standard accommodations.


Bogota, the capital, which stands on a highland plain at 2.600 meters above sea level, has become a popular tourist destination.


It is a modern and cosmopolitan city that enjoys an excellent quality of life.


Medellin, in the central mountain chain, which justifiably boasts its title of City of Eternal Spring, is the epicenter of textile production and design, and a reference point for fashion. The city is known for the friendliness of its people, their hard-working spirit, and the beauty of its women.


To the south of the country, in a valley of sugar cane plantations, lies the city of Cali, cheerful and party-loving, whose women rival those of Medellin in charm and beauty.


Barranquilla and many other coastal cities such as charming.


Cartagena have been modernized to blend well the colonial architecture, its caribbean culture and lively entertainment for inhabitants and tourists alike.





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