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Facts Argentina:


Capital - Buenos Aires


Currency - Argentinean Peso (ARS)


Official Language - Spanish. English is common in main hotels and tourist areas, otherwise is very limited. Italian, German and French are understood and may be spoken by a small segment of the ethnic population.


Religion - predominantly Roman Catholic 93%, Protestant 2.5%, Jewish 2% and other 2.5%.


Electricity - Argentine electricity is 220V 50Hz, with slanted plugs similar to those used in Australia. Adapters and transformers for European and North American equipment are readily available. The best way to use imported electrical equipment in Argentina is to purchase an adapter once there. These are available in the Florida shopping area in Buenos Aires for around US$2, or less in hardware stores outside the city center.


Business Hours - Most freestanding shops in Buenos Aires are open from 10 am - 8 pm weekdays, and some of them also Saturdays and Sundays, depending on what area of the city they are in. Enclosed malls, however, set their own hours, and are also open on the weekends. Banks tend to be open only on weekdays, from 10am to 4pm


Tipping - Tipping (preferred in cash, even when credit cards are used) starts at 10 percent, escalating for outstanding service.


Time Zone - GMT/UTC -3


Passports - US Citizens will need a valid passport and will have to fill in a landing card on arrival. A stamp will be given for stays of thirty, sixty or ninety days.


Emergencies - In case of any emergency, dial tel. 101 or 911 (not available in some cities)(spanish speaking operator); for an ambulance, call tel. 107. Firemen call tel. 100. For the Tourist Police call (011) 4346-5748 / 0800-999-5000


Water - Although tap water in Argentina is safe to drink, if sometimes heavily chlorinated, you may prefer to stick to bottle water as caution in rural areas in the north of the country.


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About Argentina:


Buenos Aires, its seductive capital, is located on the banks of the Rio de la Plata and possesses a rich cultural identity stemming from its European immigrants. It would be no surprise to find the resemblance to Barcelona, Paris or Rome in its street corners, cafes, etc.


Its sophistication and passionate culture allows for a cosmopolitan flair exhibited in its museums, theater shows, tango bars, and clubs as well as an exciting nightlife.


When ready to explore Argentina outside of Buenos Aires, you have a number of possibilities. You may take a day-trip or an overnight trip to the many ESTANCIAS or Country Inns, where you can enjoy the Pampas, land of the "Gaucho".

A folkloric show, together with horseback riding and a typical "Asado" (country-style barbeque) is included.


Another day trip option is to cross the Rio Plata waters to neighboring Uruguay and visit the cities of Montevideo or Colonia.


Salta in the northwest is one of Argentina's largest provinces bordered by Chile, Bolivia, and Paraguay. The province is characterized by vastly diverse terrain such as the fertile valley of the capital, the polychrome canyons of Cafayate, and the desolate plateaus of La Puna.


The "Train to the Clouds" is Salta's biggest attraction.

Mendoza, in western Argentina, is the gateway to the high Andes and the Chilean border. Its fertile valleys offer the best wines.

You can venture out South and explore the Peninsula Valdes, Bariloche or Ushuaia. This region, we will refer to as Patagonia, land of wonder. Here a glacier-dotted mountainous interior, unique coastal wildlife and amazing Andean national parks welcome the visitor to a land of enchantment.


Bariloche, the "Switzerland of South America", offers great skiing, local shopping and the arrival or departure point for the "Lake Crossing Circuit", a cruise-bus combination tour across the Andes Mountain Range, to Southern Chile or vice versa.

This is a highly recommended tour product where you will witness the beauty of nature in full splendor. The scenery of sailing through pristine lakes all varying in different kaleidoscopic colors plus the snow-capped volcanoes is breathtaking.


Ushuaia is the gateway for cruises throughout the Patagonian glaciers, channels and fjords to Punta Arenas, Chile or through the Magellan Strait on an incredible journey to Antarctica. The End of The World.






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